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What is PoP Syrup + Pot
PoP Syrup is an all natural fruit smoothie with no preservatives infused with THC.

The Story
The idea for PoP Syrup came just from that an idea, a creative idea. In the beginning it was just supposed to be a bottle in the form of art. A person would use it as a prop to have around or an actual container to place their drinks in and travel with, but Paulie B. Esq. had a better idea. He would kill two birds with one stone. He made the bottle look similar to the popular Actavis Prometh with Codeine Cough Syrup that’s very popular in the urban community to help steer people away from it; a better and healthier alternative for those who use or curious about the product. So now instead of mixing sprite with the liquid they would mix high end liquor such as Patron, Ciroc, D’usse and more.

The second concept for the PoP Syrup is to help fund Paulie’s creative projects and ideas, but instead of strangers who are not familiar with his name or work just donating money, they got something in return. The way he see it is that people drink and love to look good while doing it, so by him helping them, they’re also supporting him and his dreams. So now, because of Paulie B. Esq., people now not only just drink, but they Drink Creatively.

Donation Amount & Gain
$27 and below - Infused Smoothie Wallpaper for mobile devices & Digital Thank You Card.

Online $20 and below or in Person $14 and below - Infused Smoothie Wallpaper for mobile devices & Digital Thank You Card.

Donation Info:
Minimum donation is $28 for an Infused 1pt.(2 bottles). If you donate anything less than that, you'll only receive digital thank you card & wallpaper for your mobile devices.

The Cause
Donations are used to fund Paulie B. Esq.'s passion for art to create & showcase pieces with the best quality and materials and to also help bring his work to the public by doing PoP Up Galleries. This may include equipment, software, material, samples, rental fee for venues, travel and any idea his mind can think of. Any and all contributions are always appreciated.

ONLY GET THIS DRINK IF YOU'RE LOCATED IN DC, MD or VA. For best results these drinks must stay cold. If you donate to get a drink and wish for it to be shipped and you're located outside of the areas mentioned above, for health reasons and proper care depending on your amount you'll either receive a digital wallpaper or PoP Money in the amount you donated if $28+. But your donation will not be returned.

The infused smoothie is only available in DC.

Text/Call: 202-810-2729
Email: hi@id3sign.com


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Image of PoP Syrup Image of PoP Syrup